Helping to end Childhood Cancer

Being the month of September, i wanted to share our story with you.
This month marks a very important cause for my family and I. It’s childhood cancer and lymphoma awareness month.

In December last year our 5 yr old boy Maxi was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma and had to begin chemotherapy, multiple tests and surgeries immediately. We luckily had a lot of family support and the doctors were beyond amazing. People would often tell my husband and I how we could be so strong or how do you keep it together, it was the hardest thing we’ll ever go through but it brought us so much closer and having 3 kids aged 5,4 and 7 months at the time there was honestly no time to process it or breakdown constantly, we HAD to be strong for them. To see Maxi laugh, play and be so happy on his good days made us feel that bit better everyday. He is now in remission and full of energy, he’s started kindy and is just happy every day. We want to give back and donate as much as we can to research that can one day help end childhood cancer and which also goes to supporting families who are unable to have that same support that we did.

So for every sale over $100 in the month of September, we will donate $10 and $5 for every sale under $100.

Every little bit counts and I can’t thankyou all enough for your support in our first month so far whether you placed an order, liked, commented or shared a post, it is never missed and i appreciate it so much.

Much Love, Simonetta xx